Be sure to scroll down the page for my Circum Vitae  Dossier – the Photo below is the Aireflex Cinematography Camera – forewhich I was the National Sales Manager at Berkey Marketing  in 1968-69.
 Christ Ronaldo Anicich (Crist or Krist in Croatian) Born in Camden New Jersey on April 3rd, 1943. Raised in South Camden NJ and attended Camden High School Graduated 1961 and was the acting Class President. A College Preparatory Class Student with A – B Average having chosen 5 Majors in my Senior Year vs the normal 4. Had to have World History and American. Other Majors were Advanced Algebra & Trigonometry, English, and Chemistry. Mastered French in my Freshman and Sophomore years a Live Language for College Admissions. Minor was Speech an A Student all 4 years of High. Second Minor was Health again a solid A Student all 4 years of High.

In September 1961 I attended and commenced classes at Temple University in Philadelphia PA. Majoring in Marketing / Advertising and Business Law. Minor was Speech and here again a solid A Student for all 4 years.

I then moved to New York City in September 1964 and acquired an Assistant Credit Manager’s position with Hertz Truck Rental Division. In 1965 assistant Credit Manager American Express VIP Accounts. Then in 1966 SCM Smith Corona Merchant Sales Representative. Moving on in 1966 to Varityper Corporation a Divison of Addressograph Multigraph Corporation a $400 Million Dollar Company trading on the NYSE handsomely and one of the biggest and best manufactures of Printing Presses, Addressing Machines (for Credit Cards back then) and Typesetting equipment worldwide. I attended Varityper Division’s training center in Newark NJ the parent company’s headquarters studying and completed their courses in Type, Typesetting, and the Art of Typography which would become my lifelong expertise and legacy.

Furthering my new Typographical profession I acquired a Sales Representative’s position with Simon Omega a Division of Berkery Marketing – Parent Corporation was Berkey Photo a $500 Million Dollar NYSE entity. US Product distributor for “Staromat” from the world famous Berthold Type Foundry in Germany. After a year of extremely successful selling, I was promoted to National Sales Manager in 1967 at just 24 years of age.
Even greater sales success spurred Berkey Marketing President Mr. Paul Kingenstien to ask me to teach and explain my sales techniques to the Company’s All Products NationalSales Manager which would have become an Assistant to the President’s Position in 1968 and my 25th year of age. 

The other Exclusive US Distributorships that Berkey contracted with was Konia Cameras, Arriflex Cinematography and Motion Picture Cameras from Germany the Very Best Worldwide even today in 2017-18 Celebrating their 100th Birthday. Other products were the Simmon Omega Enlargers still today the very best worldwide, Berkey Labs in Burbank California which at that time it was one of the leading Cinematography Photographic Film Developing companies in all of Hollywood. Keystone Cameras. Berkey Photo Inc the parent Corporation owned and operated Berkey K&L the best Color Lab in NYC and captured the Advertising Agencies’ business in NYC for their Color Work e.g. C Prints most called for in the Advertising Business. Berkey also owned and operated Willoboughy Peerless the best and biggest camera store in NYC and the US. Second only to Eastman Kodak in the overall Industry.

In the Fall of 1968 in North Carolina attending the nation’s largest National Printing Trade Show I was approached and offered a North Eastern Sales Representative position at AlphaType Corporation by Mr Morten Freidman younger brother of Allen Freidman inventor and owner of Alphatype the Finest and very Best of all New Computerized Photo Film typesetting devices and there were only two on the market that year 1969-1970 and continuing thru the 70’s and 80’s when other manufacturers joined the industry. I personally sold trained clients this all-new Computerized Photo Typography System which previously was all Hot Metal typesetting throughout the Print Industry the 7th largest industry worldwide.

After my accredited sales position with AlphaType, I decided it was time to go on my own. I opened The Typros Inc purchasing two Alphatype Systems a Staromat competitor Photo Typepositors two of them at $8,000 and a $90,000 worth of Film Display Type Fonts. My enter Type Libray investment was upper wards of $250,000 plus the computer equipment systems at another $74,000. I partnered with and became lifetime best friends of Mr. Wayne Cournoyer and Mr. Franco Gentile. Wayne was (now retired) a Master Craftsman in the Art of Typography and Franco a Syracuse University Graduate Honor Student in Graphic Arts. The Typros was known as the only photo type studio in NYC with the capabilities of merging photographic reproductions into various size & style screened halftones and compositing full complete Ads with a headline, text, and halftone photos and sending the film through a Diazo Printer we supplied Readers Proofs for editing by the creative art directors and advertising agency owners inspection. They compiled a markup from the readers proof of the finished Ad or collateral materials for my Film Make-Up team to assemble complete full-size Film Positives with readers proofs once again and then if approved we created utilizing a Point Light Sourced Contact Frame Zero Generation Reproductional Films Negatives for the media: Newspapers and Magazines Nationally. We supplied and offered either Film Positive (silk screening) or Film Negatives for both Letterpress and or Off Set Negative Films. Additional choices for our clients were the paper option of High-Resolution PMT Paper Proofs for Art Directors board make-ups.

What a team! We prospered and were award top honors in NYC through the 70’s. See some of those Accolades on my Awards Accolades banner linked page. I could not have done it without them no how no way! I love you guys. Most all of my employee were personal friends and we are still extremely tight today with active friendships in 2017. The Best Years of my Life! –Typros. It ended sadly in 1978 after I was taken ill for a good 4-5 years.

I had added Chris Anicich Advertising to my stock portfolio in 1974 during my ownership of Typros Inc with 3 outstanding clients. Mr. Kennenth Kingsley owner-partner in The Cruiser Club and The Chart House both in Hampton Bays in Suffolk County LI, NY. And the Drivers Seat in Southhampton LI NY. The Ronin Art Gallery in NYC Open Presently on Madison Avenue for Ronnie Nuer and her husband Herb Lieberson. The Ronin Art Gallery specializes in 16th and 17th Century Woodblock Prints the finest in all the land. Ronin Gallery is a leading Japanese and East Asian art gallery in New York City and home to the largest collection of 17th – 21st century Japanese prints for sale in the United States. For 40 years, Ronin’s mission has been to introduce the best of East Asia’s traditional and emerging artistic talents to a global audience. The most Interesting Accolade is that I took the actual Woodblock Prints and convert them to Line Art crafting fine details. This was a tremendous film retouching procedure utilizing rapidograph pens for finer detail on FILM and the very First Advertising Agency to ever utilize the original Art Pieces in any Ads anywhere and I started it all in the NY Times Art Section advertising pages. All of the NYC Art Galleries only used typeset of their name and addresses. How boring with all that beautiful art! (see my Print Media Banner link page for Copies of these gorgeous Ads. Please) And last but far from the least is my friend and business associate/client Mr. Peter Morrel owner of Morrel Wine and Spirits at One Rockefeller Plaza. Peter is now and will remain one of the most world renown wine connoisseurs. His wine collection in NYC at One Rockafeller Plaza is Top World Class. Visit:

Coming back again on my own after a full recovery in 1989 reopened Chris R Anicich Advertising in Seabright, Monmouth County NJ

More of My Circum Vitae Dossier will be forthcoming in the months ahead. Please check back. I believe you will enjoy reviewing this documentation. Thanks Chris

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