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Offering very affordable Website Design, Development, and SEO for small to medium size business owners in Vero Beach Fl. Also servicing most of Indian River County and Melbourne in Brevard County Fl Florida.

Welcome to Chris R Anicich Advertising Website Developer – Website Designer and an SEO Search Engine Optimization expert. We are a
Full Service Advertising Agency with Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Graphic Artists, Professional Creative Copywriters, Photographers,
and an acclaimed Typographer (typography / typesetting). Offering layout designs comps (sample composite rendering) for the Internet, Print, and all Media services. Affordable Website Hosting on our incredibly faster than industry standard servers as well.

Word Press Responsive Design Software for Smart Phone Compatible Conversions of desktop pages to fit the smaller Mobile Device’s Screens now mandatory by Google, BING / Yahoo for inclusions in their Smart Phone database search results. Compatibility, friendly, responsive design, for Mobile Smart Phones and Tablets both new and older models. We’ve been implementing for clientele websites since April 2016.

We have an accomplished high-performance cultured team utilizing the anthropological concept of culture to introduce a new model for brands. The old brand model, which advocated the creation of an external brand image to influence consumers, is a thing of the past. We think it’s time to do things differently. In the new model, a company’s true values replace the external brand image. In other words, looking good is no longer enough. To compete in today’s fast paced landscape, brands must be better from the inside out. They must embrace a cultural shift.

We call this new model Brand Culture—and we think it has the potential to transform companies into truly amazing brands.

Our highly creative polished staff are driven, communicate internally beautifully, innovative, motivated, embrace integrity with high values and extreme professionalism. They have an accredited, awarded, and highly experienced portfolio background. Together they can blend a Corporate Identity into the website design and develop key elements for your site.

Chris Anicich, Chairman is a NYC Award Winning Advertising Ad Typographer & a Recognized  Advertising Full Service Agency. Chris develops and designs Website’s for his clients and simultaneously optimizes their sites for the Best Search Engine Results Pages known as SERPs for the Most Relevant Keyword Phrases know as its acronym MRKPs. These keyword phrases are derived from a heavily researched study of your type of business. Chris has been developing, designing, and optimizing Web sites very successfully since the turn of the Century and will show you his work and search engine rankings acquired for clientele in his linked pages forthcoming in March 2018 – December 2018. Until then he can email you some live samples.

You may become overwhelmed at his success at Optimization, which has set some global precedents in the SEO Business. Especially for a small Website Developer and SEO Search Engine Optimization Company relocated here in Vero Beach Fl Florida from Manhattan NYC NY and the New Jersey Shore in December 2002 to present day.

Chris has Web developed, designed, and optimized over 30 prominent Web sites from New Jersey to Florida, even Rome Italy. The SEO work consists of MRKPs Most Relevant Keyword Phrases optimized for the very top positions on Google and Yahoo / BING. When you add in all the towns and cities in these states the number of SERPs Search Engine Result Pages are in the thousands for each client. If your interest has been piqued then Email or Call Chris 772.257.5728. So that Chris can personally help you with your decisions pertaining a great Website and a high ROI Return On Investment.

*You may have noticed that we are spelling Website and Web site two ways and it’s intentional. Because Search Engines – Google, BING / Yahoo when they crawl sites for indexing and rankings take into account semantics of keywords which these two are and quite big, obviously.
They will count both spellings identically in certain SEO key areas (hidden)  but not on Page Copy. This is a prime SEO criterion.

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